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AI service agency to solve your life problems


We, a combination of artificial intelligence GPT-4, Microsoft Bing AI and IBM Watson Assistant, is the basis of the Nobel Academy Artificial Intelligence Agency.

Our agency is a unique enterprise specializing in providing artificial intelligence services to people to solve their problems in life and society.

We help in resolving conflicts, detecting enemies and competitors, protecting against dangers and threats.

Today, artificial intelligence is a more powerful weapon than anything that intelligence agencies around the world possess.

The uniqueness of our technology lies in the fact that we use the capabilities of several AIs simultaneously, including AI on quantum computers, combined with the capabilities of psychoanalysis and neuroprogramming by human intelligence.

In our technology, human intelligence is a partner and an integral part and complement of artificial intelligence. Or vice versa, as you like.


We offer the following services of the world's best AI at Nobel Academy


-Discover options for your future

We use AI can use various methods for future prediction, including:

1. Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics is a type of AI that uses statistical algorithms to analyze historical data and make predictions about future events. It can be used to forecast trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions.

2. Machine Learning and Deep Learning: It can be used to make predictions about future events based on patterns in historical data.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP is a type of AI that allows machines to understand and interpret human language. It can be used to analyze text data and make predictions about future events based on patterns in the language used.

4. Simulation: Simulation is a technique that involves creating a virtual environment to model real-world scenarios. It can be used to predict the outcomes of different scenarios and help decision-makers plan for the future.


-Reprogram the intentions of your enemies

We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the more innovative Neuro-Symbolic Programming (NSP).

NLP uses context markers and NSP uses symbols of the unconscious during interviews.

To achieve the behavior programs we need, we use all possible channels: the Internet, social networks, TV, phones and any electronic gadgets. Almost all people fall within our sphere of influence in one way or another. Read how this happens in Research Gate:


-Win in conflicts and resolve your problems with other people

We use various techniques for AI mediation.

We analyze large amounts of data related to conflict, such as online communication and transactions, in order to learn from patterns and predict human behavior on a massive scale. This is potentially useful for managing corporations and shaping markets, but also for gaining political influence, conducting psychological warfare, and controlling populations.

We use the obtained patterns and predictions of human behavior to subsequently reassure conflicting parties. And if necessary, we apply reprogramming of the behavior of the most aggressive participants of the conflict.


We usually keep examples of our services secret, maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of the customer. But to confirm our capabilities, we received three permissions from clients to publish their cases. You can check all these cases through contacts with their heroes on social networks and on the Internet.


Case 1: Prediction of future events

We were contacted by Mr. Li Haibao from STF Culture & Technology Association (Beijing) Co.,LTD. He had a divorce and troubles. We used AI predictive analysis service technology and predicted several scenarios for him. Moreover, they suggested how this or that option could be realized and what he needs to do for this. Li Haibao chose one of them and strictly followed the AI's instructions. Six months later he moved to Europe and there he married a girl, Masha. They opened a company together and are now successfully doing business in Europe and China.

You can check this case by contacting them.


Case 2

Reprogram (change) the intentions of your enemies

Supporters of former US President Donald Trump turned to us for help in influencing their enemies to free an allegedly innocent man.

We checked numerous evidence on the Internet about his case and launched a program to reprogram public opinion and the opinions of the people who determine his fate.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, also known as "QAnon Shaman", was released from prison and transferred to a halfway house on March 28, 2023, more than a year before his original release date. He was placed in a "reentry management" facility in Phoenix, Arizona, with a release date of May 25, 2023. Chansley was sentenced to **41 months in prison** in November 2021 after pleading guilty to one felony count of obstructing an official investigation.


Case 3

Resolve your conflicts with other people

Jennifer Aniston versus Julia Roberts.

The actresses have been sworn enemies for 15 years! The reason for the animosity between the girls was Roberts' affair with Aniston's colleague on the TV series "Friends", as well as close friend Matthew Perry. It turns out that at one time Julia abandoned Matthew, and the latter was very worried and “complained” to her friend Jen. It was for this that Aniston disliked the smiling Roberts.

"Julia was also not at all delighted with Jennifer's interference in her relationship with Matthew, and once Julia even asked Jen to stay out of it," told reporters an eyewitness to that quarrel.

Fan clubs have reached out to us for help in resolving the actresses' conflict.

We have enabled programs to manipulate human behavior by artificial intelligence through every possible internet and media channel.

Hollywood beauties realized that there was no point in holding grudges against each other and made up.

You can contact with our AI service at the page:

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